How to Create a Stunning Smokey Eye

Smokey eye looks are a classic, but they can be really difficult to create! A smokey eye will take any look in the direction of sultry. They’re great nighttime or date nights!

But these tips will help improve your smoky eye game.

Start With Light Colors

Your best bet with smokey eye looks is to start with light eyeshadow colors and gradually build up to a darker color. That way you don’t end up placing too much of your darkest shades. It’s no fun to get black eyeshadow all the way up your eyelid!

Use Shadow Shields or Tape

Or put your eyeshadow on first! Basically, you’re going to want to ensure that you have some way to get any excess shadow off of your face. No matter how good an eyeshadow is, you have the potential for fallout with dark shadows. And if you use a glitter, those also fall out pretty badly! Always better to be safe when working with darker colors.

Find a Color Scheme that Works

Smokey eye looks don’t have to be black and grey! You can use dark jewel tones that flatter your eyes as well. Find something that contrasts with your eye color. Blue eyes, try a dark grey/black with a silver glitter. Brown eyes, try a deep wine shade. Hazel eyes, try a dark olive green. Check out my eye color and shadow recommendations for more ideas!

Use Eyeliner Pencil

Using a pencil instead of a gel or pen will help you smudge things out better. You want to be able to smudge out any harsh lines when you blend everything out. Find the softest pencil you can.

Blend, Blend, Blend!

If you think you’ve blended enough, blend more. Under blending is the biggest problem with tying a look together. Make sure you blend anywhere that you have shades transitioning and along all of your edges. A smokey eye look isn’t designed to be perfect, but a certain amount of blending completes a good smokey eye.

Have tips for the perfect smokey eye? Let us know in the comments below!

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