Most Unique Beauty Products in My Collection

Ever sat down and looked at some of your makeup and wondered whose good idea it was? Or bad idea? Some of the products that I use on a daily basis are extremely unique among the makeup world. Here are some of the most unique pieces in my collection!

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette and Chocolate Soliel Bronzer

Scented makeup isn’t particularly new anymore, but Too Faced has been doing it the longest. These two items smell very obviously like chocolate, to the degree that they actually smell like you want to eat them! But Too Faced doesn’t stop with chocolate. They have several peach scented palettes, the Christmas ones that smell like gingerbread, and there other seasonal ones such as PB&J, peanut butter and honey, buttered rum, and sugar cookie. I’ve never seen their quality suffer due to the scented nature of the products either, and haven’t had a problem with the scent.

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March 2020 Ulta Haul Part 1

Thanks to being really successful with my health and fitness goals in February and March, I rewarded myself with a bit of a shopping spree! In addition to the items below, I also grabbed a bundle of Ulta’s own branded products. So much came in the kit that I decided to hold off and review those products in a separate post!

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Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Makeup Collection

If you guys are like me, you’ve spent a LOT of time at home recently. Many of us are turning to expediting our spring cleaning for something to do! Sometimes when you turn to your makeup collection, it can be tricky to decide what needs to go and how to get everything clean.

Wash Your Brushes With Liquid Dish Soap

This is my biggest cleaning tip of all time. There’s literally no need for an expensive blendercleanser, I use dish soap. My logic is this: if duckings can be washed in it, my brushes are probably safe! Invest in (or make!) some sort of brush scrubber that you can use over and over, and just get your brushes clean. This also works like a dream on my sponge.

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How to Stop Biting Your Nails

Nail biting is one of the most common causes of weak, brittle nails. Even after you kick the habit, it takes a long time for your nails to strengthen enough for them not to peel apart when they get any length on them.

Here are some tips on how to stop biting your nails so they can grow back in stronger!

Replace One Habit with Another

Habits, in general, are extremely tricky to break. It takes time, persistence, and a willingness to get back up if you fall. Since it usually takes months of persistence to break a habit, it’s a lot easier to replace it with another since habits only take 21 days to build.

Some good habits to help you stop biting your nails include chewing gum or even potentially using a fidget spinner or a similar fidget device. Personally I did both. Most of my nail biting was while I read books, so I chewed gum for the ‘mouth’ part of the habit, and fiddled with paper or a book mark for the ‘hand’ part of the habit.

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My 6 Biggest Beauty Mistakes (And How You Can Avoid Them)

Over the years, I’ve made some mistakes while learning how to do makeup and skincare effectively. Most of them were simple mistakes because I didn’t know better. Some were stubbornness.

However, just because I made these mistakes doesn’t mean you have to. Some of these are fairly common mistakes, but others are a bit more unique to me.

Pumping My Mascara Wand

I’d go so far as to say that not pumping your mascara wand is the minority, even now. I believe that it used to be good beauty advice, and only recently have people started to realize that it’s really bad for your mascara. It dries your product out, and it won’t last anywhere near as long.

Since stopping that, I’ve been able to make a tube of mascara last a lot longer. Which, of course, saves money. Plus, dry mascara doesn’t look very good when you put it on.

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Unique, Hybrid Beauty Products in My Collection

As I’ve been building my makeup collection, I’ve found quite a few items that are trying to be more than one thing at a time. These products definitely range from excellent to not so great. But they are all quite ambitious in their claims!

Check out these hybrid beauty products.

Drybar Prep Rally Prime & Prep Detangler

This one is a fairly simple and logical mixture: a detangling spray mixed with a heat protectant/prep spray. It does both of its jobs admirably, and as a bonus smells like tea. It’s probably one of my favorite products on this list.

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Best Lip Colors for Spring

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been so ready to swap out my dark browns, deep pinks, and maroons for soft, springy shades. The weather is getting warmer and the plants are bursting into bloom! With that comes a few adjustments to my style, such as lighter and brighter makeup and outfits.

Here are some gorgeous lip colors that you can count on this Spring!

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5 Gorgeous Pallets for Spring [Shop My Stash]

Happy Spring everyone! It’s definitely time for gorgeous pastel looks for Easter, weddings, or even just a grocery run. Instead of looking for more palettes to purchase, I decided to show you some of my tried-and-true palettes that can give you soft spring looks.

Makeup Revolution The Emily Edit: The Wants

This one almost isn’t fair to put on this list, it can be used for basically anything. However, some of the colors that stand out to me as springy are Grateful, Prayer, Cupcake, Eve Rose, and Laughcry. For some depth, add Love Tons, Dues Paid, Side Hustle, or Pizzaz!

These shadows are very buildable and easy to work with, and is great for someone who wants to experiment with color in a comfortable manner. It’s a $20 palette at Ulta!

Urban Decay Born to Run

Like the previous palette, the Born to Run is a multi-tasking palette that can go in any number of directions. Baja, Wildheart, Still Shot, Blaze and Big Sky are easy picks for spring, but the blue shades could be a gorgeous springy pop on a neutral look. Still Shot is actually a little bit brighter of a peach in person than in this picture.

Like all Urban Decay shadows, these are extremely buttery, pigmented, and easy to work with. This palette is $49 at Ulta and Sephora.

Makeup Revolution Precious Stone Emerald

At first glance, I wasn’t thinking spring when I saw this. But the three shades on the bottom right (Gem, Heaven, and Majestic) plus Primitive, Indigo, and Astral would make some beautiful green looks for springtime. Basically, if you’re looking to have some gorgeous green pops, this is your palette.

This palette isn’t quite as easy to work with as the other Makeup Revolution palette, but it’s still pigmented and gorgeous. The mattes will blend out well, the shimmers just need your finger rather than a brush. This is a $10.50 palette, but the only places I’ve found it recently are the Makeup Revolution Website and Beautybay.

Colourpop Truly, Madly, Deeply

If I was forced to choose a favorite drugstore palette it would probably be this one. The Truly Madly Deeply palette is a purply/pinky palette with some unique formulas including pressed glitter and matte with glitter (not shimmer). A soft pink glam look would be extremely easy from this palette.

This is my first Colourpop palette but I’m definitely sold on their shadows! The mattes blend like a dream, the shimmers catch the light beautifully, and the pressed glitter is NOT super messy. This palette is $23 at Ulta.

Urban Decay Naked Cherry

In some ways this is very similar to the Colourpop palette. However, this one is completely pink, no purple/mauvy shades involved (except maybe Feelz, it seems fairly mauvy). Pinky-nude eye looks are the name of the game here, though you can definitely go more intense. As a bonus, the brush in this palette is actually really excellent. This palette is also $49 at Ulta and Sephora.

What are your favorite palettes to use around the springtime? Let me know in the comments!

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Battle of the Pen Eyeliners: Physician's Formula vs Makeup Revolution

Pen applicator liquid eyeliners changed the game for me. I was terrified of – and awful at – liquid eyeliner (or eyeliner in general). I just did my waterline and left it at that. But pen applicators helped me learn to do gorgeous wings with ease!

Over time I’ve tried some high end and some drugstore priced liquid liners. I’ve found that there aren’t really any significant differences between them overall, though some drugstore liners aren’t quite dark enough for me.

Today’s battle, however, is between my two favorite drugstore liquid pen liners: the Physician’s Formula Eye Booster Lash 2-in-1 Boosting Eyeliner & Serum and the Makeup Revolution Renaissance Flick Liner.

Physican’s Formula

Price: $11.49

Availability: Local Walmart, Target, or other drugstore, Ulta

Notes: The pen on this is a little thicker, but it’s super easy to work with. The black is very dark, and it lasts quite a long time. I believe mine lasted over a year. It didn’t dry out as much as I ran out of product!

Makeup Revolution

Price: $8

Availability: Ulta

Notes: Pen on this is very thin and delicate. Also a very black liner, and stays on through literally everything. The shape of the pen makes it easy to hold and thus far has lasted over 6 months, getting closer to a year.

Final Thoughts

Overall, my favorite is the Makeup Revolution Renaissance Flick. It’s more waterproof, easier to control, and is less expensive. However, if you don’t have an Ulta nearby, the Physician’s Formula is a great second choice for a last minute eyeliner emergency!

Have you tried either of these eyeliners before? What’s your favorite?

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How to Use Glitter With Ease

When you’re trying to start using glitter eyeshadow, it can feel very overwhelming! It took me a while to be willing to try it because of a lot of fears including “what if it gets everywhere?” But I’ve definitely found some great tips to help make glitter accessible to anyone!

Don’t Use Loose Glitter

If you’re new to glitter, find a different method of dispensing it. There are entire palettes full of pressed glitter such as the Beauty Glazed palettes. Or, if you want them in with other shades or formulas, check out Colourpop’s pressed glitters in their more recent palettes. Colourpop also has glitter gel!

If those aren’t up your alley, try liquid glitter from brands like elf and Stila. These come with simple applicators and are the simplest application method for glitter.

Put Eyeshadow and Glitter On Before Face Makeup

Putting your eyeshadow on before your face makeup means that if you do get glitter everywhere, you can use some makeup remover to get it off. This works for any flaky eyeshadow as well! Another option are shadow shields, though I’m not sure how effective they are for glitter.

Use Glitter Primer

Every form of glitter except the liquids (and the glitter gel) requires glitter glue. It’s a more sticky primer that will help hold the glitter on: not a true glue. A thin layer of this will keep any glitter that doesn’t have self adhesion on your eyelids. The NYX brand one is solid in my experience!

Remove With Tape

This sounds super weird, I know. But it’s the best way to remove your glitter without finding it all over your face and clothes for a week. Just take a piece of scotch tape (if you’re nervous, stick it on your hand first to remove some of the stick) and place it over the glitter. AVOID YOUR EYELASHES. Then pull it off gently to get a majority of the glitter off. The last bit will come off with your makeup remover.

Hopefully this made glitter a bit less intimidating! What are your best glitter tips? Let us know in the comments!!

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